November 16 - 20, 2020 

Breaking Down Barriers • Building Communities


We Long to Say this to the 1,500+ York County Students Who Experienced Homelessness During the Past Year.*

November 16 through 20th sessions were held creating a deeper awareness of the challenges York County faces. We also shared solutions and strategies being used to make a positive difference. By clicking into each day, video and content are available. Any questions you may have, please, see our resource and contact pages.
Thank you!

*We are using the definition for homelessness as outlined in the federal McKinney-Vento act. We will share more about this information throughout the week. 

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Learn more about the impact of housing instability in our community.

All Sessions Start at 9:00am with an Evening Recap on FB at 6:30pm

Home Can Be a Person

by Rooster

Home can be a person
Was that exactly what you said?
Home can be a person
One million thoughts went through my head.

Do you mean to tell me
A person can be four walls,
Someone could be a medicine chest
To help you through your scrapes and falls?

Or are you trying to say
You need no blanket to feel warm;
Sometimes a special someone
Could be your shelter from the storm.

Home can be a person
Your window to the world,
A light so you can clearly see
As each moment is unfurled.

Home can be a person
Where you safely keep your thoughts.
A refrigerator to keep your secrets in
With no hairy blue green spots.

Home can be a person
I never thought of it that way;
But if you have no place to call our own
It's the next best place to stay.

Friday's Virtual Art Gallery will feature powerful student voices. It is our hope you will be moved to awareness and activism. This is a tough issue to face but with courage and compassion, we can create solutions in our community.  (Click here FRIDAY for more info on that session).

We hope you are inspired by our amazing student-driven voices. There are about a dozen videos on the ECYEH YouTube Channel. 

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Thank you to West York Area School District for sharing their "Red Shirt Day" with us!


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